Cocoa Nibs –– The New Nutritional Sensation

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If you are a chocolate enthusiast, then you will for sure be into cocoa nibs. They are a rich and crunchy treat that is resulted from the chocolate making process. They are similar to pieces of dark chocolate bits, but without any added sugar. If you go to artisan markets and gourmet grocery stores, you’ll find more and more of them making it onto the shelves. Some restaurants and dessert stores even put them in their ice cream and chocolate cakes!  

How are cocoa nibs made? 

Simply put, cocoa nibs are pieces of fermented, dried, roasted and crushed cacao beansThis means, cocoa nibs are chocolate in its purest form.  

To make them, first we start with the Theobroma cacao trees. The cacao beans that we commonly know is actually contained within a fruity pulp called the cacao pod. After the pods have been collected, they are then broken open to reveal the beans.  

The beans are then fermented to develop that rich chocolatey flavor that we all love. Afterwards, the beans are roasted and cracked into pieces so that the husks and other non-eatable debris is removed.  

Viola! We have cocoa nibs.  

To make chocolate bars, we will ground the nibs into a paste called cocoa liquor, and then we add sugar to it so that it isn’t as bitter.  

Why are cocoa nibs good for us?  

Cocoa nibs are extremely healthy for us! They’re the most organic and natural form of chocolate chips––without any added sugar. It is perfect for weight-watchers and mindful eaters. They also contain a significant amount of fiber, iron, antioxidants and magnesium. Cocoa nibs are also high in fiber, which stimulates bowels and help suppresses appetite.  

Cocoa nibs are also a great natural mood elevator and anti-depressant (which shouldn’t come off as surprise for those of us that eat chocolate regularly.)  

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