Where it All Began

Our Founder, Eric, spent his entire life consumed with fear. He had severe social anxiety and avoided as many social interactions as possible to stay in his comfort zone.

He wanted more than anything to be outgoing and social to be the father that his daughters would be proud of.

He turned to the traditional medical system that simply numbed his spirit and masked his feelings, which only lead to recurring cycles of depression.

One day, Eric’s youngest daughter was rushed to the hospital due to an error, and accidental overdoes caused by the medical system, and she was put on a ventilator in ICU. Eric’s entire world came to a stop at this moment.

Eric was experiencing his absolute greatest fear, the possible loss of one of his girls, and at that moment, he realized that the only way to confront his debilitating fear was to face it head-on.

After seeing how the traditional medical system had failed both himself and now his daughter, he became open for the first time in his life, to explore other nontraditional methods of healing.

A friend had booked a plant medicine retreat in the jungles of Peru with the local tribe and invited Eric. Without hesitation, Eric said yes and experienced 12 days of the most magical inner transformation.

Eric spent 12 days in the embrace of the Peruvian Jungle with the beautiful Shipibo Tribe and all the surrounding medicinal & sacred plants including cacao. He experienced a ripping apart and complete release and dissolve of the morbid fear and feelings he felt inside himself EVERY DAY of his life. He experienced the purest understanding of unconditional love and the strongest desire imaginable, to begin living and spreading a new life of joy and love. He left Peru reborn.

Eric spent the next few months doing the unimaginable. He traveled back to Peru TWICE just three months later. To purchase land to build a winter home, to reconnect with the beautiful land and people and to bring cacao beans back with him.

This is the story of Tribe Chocolate: handcrafting pure & ethically sourced, two-ingredient chocolates to use as a vehicle to spread the message of love to humanity.



Eric Berg

Fascinated by the Shipibo Tribe caring for their land in Peru, Eric fell in love with the cacao plant, the Amazon, the people, the culture and the opportunity to create more Love in this world through this sacred plant.

 Judy Machado-Duque

Judy is Eric’s Sister In Law and a serial entrepreneur with a passion to bring more Love to participate in as many ways as possible to bring more Love to humanity, to expand the collective consciousness into a place of compassion, unity, abundance, and Love.

Marco Mecozzi

A retired Engineer and Firefighter with a passion for connecting with others around the world. Marco adores this collaboration and pours his heart and soul into the production of the chocolate bars, every day.