Where it All Began

It was on his 3rd trip to Peru that Eric, the Founder of Tribe Chocolate, began his Love affair with chocolate when it initially snuck up on him, but has now consumed him! Eric was on a retreat in the jungles of Peru and it was on the land of Nova Terra that he came to an understanding of unconditional Love. The land that the retreat was hosted on also had cacao trees, and he fell in love with the plant, people, land and culture. So much so that he went back 3 months later to buy land to build a winter home! It was on this 2nd trip that his friend and neighbour Marco joined him and they ended up coming back to Canada with 20kg of Cacao beans in their luggage! They began learning about the making of chocolate through books and the internet and have made some great friends from every part of the industry that have helped immensely! They invited Eric's sister in-law Judy to join them in starting the chocolate company Tribe Chocolate! Chocolate has always stood for Love and it is our Mission to not only create the best dark chocolate that we can, but to use this beautiful vehicle of chocolate to spread as much Love as possible to the world! The name Tribe Chocolate came about because it was with the Shipibo Tribe that this new journey began but ultimately the term Tribe encompasses all of humanity...one Tribe, One Love!


Eric Berg

Fascinated by the Shipibo Tribe caring for their land in Peru, Eric fell in love with the cacao plant, the Amazon, the people, the culture and the opportunity to create more Love in this world through this sacred plant.

 Judy Machado-Duque

Judy is Eric’s Sister In Law and a serial entrepreneur with a passion to bring more Love to participate in as many ways as possible to bring more Love to humanity, to expand the collective consciousness into a place of compassion, unity, abundance, and Love.

Marco Mecozzi

A retired Engineer and Firefighter with a passion for connecting with others around the world. Marco adores this collaboration and pours his heart and soul into the production of the chocolate bars, every day.